“Know first who you are , and then adorn yourself accordingly.”


When three young family friends finally took me up on my offer to photograph them in my collection of vintage tuxedos, I was shocked. Dressing up isn’t really the cool thing to do when you’re an 18 or 19 year old guy-it generally involves eye rolling or flat our refusal. Ask their moms, they know. But here they are, a trio of downright sangfroid and retro chic.

Heading into the height of the holiday season, I think I speak for most women(and moms especially) when I say that in the land of the formal puffy jacket we fervently hope we might catch a glimpse of that elusive sharp dressed man in an equally sharp suit. I know, how Mad Men of us! Next we’ll be hoping for fedoras instead of wool beanies. This is Bend after all.

Seriously gents, we know you’ve got at least one good suit tucked away in that closet. Even Santa gets his out once a year. The holidays finally give us the opportunity to get our glam on. That means dark suits and tuxedos, guys. And ladies-bring on sequins, velvet, satin and yes, even high heels
(what snow?We can do this!). These items are not often seen around town except on the rarest occasions and I, for one, think it’s a shame.

I remember as a kid watching my mom get ready for holiday parties, the smell of her perfume, the sparkle of her earrings, the soft velvet of her dress. I also remember my dad’s smile when she walked in the room. As they were just about to depart, there was always that moment when they paused to issue last minute instructions. But I wasn’t listening. I was simply admiring them in their finest, my stylish and dashing parents. It made me proud and a little amazed.

This season, let’s get dressed up in style and have some fun. And I’ve got a camera that can capture just how smashing you looked.